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You may have guessed it from my name, but I was actually born in a small town in Russia. I moved to the States when I was a little girl and have gotten to live in some pretty beautiful places since then, including the North Shore of Oahu where I attended university! If you would like to know more and hear the crazy story of how I met my husband while waitressing in college, be sure to keep reading!

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Meet Svetlana

I was 19 years old and was going into my sophomore year at Utah State University. Eric was driving through town after finishing up a summer job, and stopped for lunch at the restaurant I worked at. As fate would have it, I was his waitress! He definitely didn't waste any time and asked for my phone number right away. I told him I didn't give out my number at work and turned him down.. a few times. He shamelessly kept persisting though and eventually got my coworkers to convince me to finally give him a chance. When he called me, I saved his number in my phone as the "Crazy Boy From Work" and agreed to go watch the sunset with him at a nearby lake. To me surprise, it actually ended up being one of the best nights of my life! Unfortunately, he told me he was attending school in Hawaii and would be leaving the next day. So I thought that was that.

He on the other hand, had different plans. He called me every single day and convinced me to give the long distance thing a try. Which we did for a whole year, before I decided to take another chance and move to Hawaii. I transferred universities and we continued our love story in paradise! Eventually he proposed, we got married, adopted a puppy, and then moved to Washington!

Now we spend our days playing with dogs, Ruby & Wagner (named after the one & only Bobby Wagner), cheering on the Seahawks, and enjoying every little bit of living in the beautiful PNW! To this day, you can still find Eric in my phone as the "Crazy Boy From Work".

the girl by city & colour

Our first dance was to:

a garbage truck driver

My dream job as a little girl was to be:

chips & salsa

I could eat an unlimited amount of:

swim with sharks

The craziest thing I've ever done was:

everybody always by bob goff

My all-time favorite book is:

graphic design

I received my bachelor's degree in:

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